Mobile and Wireless Networks

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A wireless network is computer network that uses wireless data connections for connecting network nodes. A wireless local-area network (LAN) uses radio waves to connect devices such as laptops to the Internet and to your business network and its applications. When you connect a laptop to a WiFi hotspot at a cafe, hotel, airport lounge, or other public place, you're connecting to that business's wireless network.

A wireless network enables people to communicate and access applications and information without wires. This provides freedom of movement and the ability to extend applications to different parts of a building, city, or nearly anywhere in the world. Wireless networks allow people to interact with e-mail or browse the Internet from a location that they prefer. A mobile network operator is a provider of services wireless communications that owns or controls all the elements necessary to sell and deliver services to an end user including radio spectrum allocation, wireless network infrastructure, back haul infrastructure, billing, customer care, provisioning computer systems and marketing and repair organizations.


  • M2M communications and the Internet of Things
  • Wireless social networks, participatory computing
  • Storage, smart caching, and cloud for wireless
  • Emerging applications in wireless networks
  • Molecular and nano-scale wireless communications

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