5G and Beyond

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5G (5th generation mobile networks or 5th generation wireless systems) denotes the next major phase of mobile telecommunications standards beyond the current 4G/IMT-Advanced standards. 5G has speeds beyond what the current 4G can offer. IEEE conferences will feature a comprehensive technical program offering numerous technical sessions with papers showcasing the latest technologies, applications and services.

5G should be rolled out by 2020 to meet business and consumer demands. In addition to providing simply faster speeds, they predict that 5G networks also will need to meet the needs of new use cases, such as the Internet of Things as well as broadcast-like services and lifeline communication in times of natural disaster.

Although updated standards that define capabilities beyond those defined in the current 4G standards are under consideration, those new capabilities are still being grouped under the current ITU-T 4G standards.

  • 5G test-beds
  • Novel enabling technologies and concepts for 5G
  • Industry views of 5G
  • Business developing for 5G for different markets
  • Personal wireless communications beyond 5G

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